Blair has been involved in the Animation business for over 25 years and can bring a vast array of services to your production however big or small - creative, financing, marketing or a little bit of everything. He is a good team leader or can simply be part of the team. Either way he gets results.

Creative Services

One of Blair’s strengths is analyzing a property and working with a team of artists and writers to make it better – to find its heart and soul.  He is happy to guide it through production in an advisory role and take it through to packaging, marketing and sales.  He can work with the team to create sizzle reels, station IDs and promos as well as electronic press kits.

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Marketing Services

Once your idea is developed, it needs to be pitched and sold.  Blair has years of experience in how to present an idea to the broadcasters and distributors in Canada and abroad.  After production is complete, the show needs to sell and be successful to get the second season pick-up.  Blair is familiar with working with broadcasters in coming up with innovative, cost effective ways to market a property and create a “buzz” within the industry and the wider public.

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Financing Services

Blair has worked with animation studios, broadcasters and distributors from all over the world, including the UK, France, China, Korea, the Philippines, Australia and the US.  He has the experience to navigate the creative and financing challenges that come with international coproductions and US/Canada co-ventures. When you want your show financed, Blair can help you navigate and negotiate.

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